Anxiety is alike flow of emotion i.e. energy of motion in an adverse
direction which is characterized by an unpleasant state of inner
conflicts, self-made loops of distress, expectations etc which are often
accompanied by nervous behaviour. Sometimes, it is actually pre-
meditated response of countless loops already existing in our sub-
conscious mind which are created due to constant feeding of frequent
energies. Amalgamation of feelings of anxiety leads to the creation of
feelings of fear, uneasiness, worry etc.
Well, scientifically also it is proven that anxiety is often accompanied
by muscular tension which is the reaction force of
stress, restlessness, fatigue and problems in concentration.
It is noteworthy to ponder that anxiety is appropriate for normal
person to an extent as it’s a human tendency to be a victim of it but
when it is experienced on frequent basis for long then individual
might start to suffer from anxiety disorders like psychologically
detected physical symptoms such as IBS (Irritable bowel
syndrome) and can also heighten other mental health illnesses such
as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) along with other panic
disorders like schizophrenia, claustrophobia, mental disorders
like bipolar disorder, eating disorders, major depressive disorder,
certain personality disorders etc.
Well, people who have undergone anxiety in their past are more
pronic towards it because of already existing loops of energies in their
sub-conscious mind which got triggered when mind got either same
feelings or synchronised feeding energies as anxiety can be either a
short term "state" or a long term "trait" as it can either be partly
genetic or due to external means like drug use,
consuming alcohol, caffeine etc.
Common conventional treatment of anxiety include lifestyle changes,
medication, therapies etc.

Do you know that??
Interestingly, drugs which are used for treating anxiety is one of the
most prominent cause of increasing feeling of anxiety as well
i.e. cure starts to act as curse.
E.g. benzodiazepines is a drug which is used for treating anxiety
related problem but its sudden halt of consumption starts to show
backlash effect.
It is because constant usage of those salts of medicine forced our body
got addicted of it which therefore created invisible loops of energies
because of some sort of both placebo effect & addiction as well.
Remember that addiction of anything is nothing short of a curse!!
So, must think once again that conventional methods are either curing
us or aggravating our problem??
Is it really healing or degrading us??
Must think once again!!

“The first step in the management of a person with anxiety symptoms
is to evaluate the possible presence of an underlying medical cause,
whose recognition is essential in order to decide its correct treatment.
Anxiety symptoms can be understood as masking of organic disease
or as a result of a medical disorder. “
No.!! No.!! No.!!
We are not going to talk in such a disruptive yet complicated
language which may bounce over you as bouncer of fast Australian
bowler Brett lee because our idiotic solutions are quite easy which
are the product of acknowledged knowledge of our Indian ancient
cultures along with our idiotically observed therapies.
Well, in this case our idiotic solution is – “just try to understand
the cause of cause.”
So, now you got your answer??
If yes then it’s idiotically cool & if not then contact caravan of idiot
bootlegger for their idiotic therapies!!

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